Obama 2012 is under way

It’s a measure of how fast life goes by, and also of what little time politicians have to make a difference.  Obama is back on the campaign trail.  Stirring memories of 2008, President Barack Obama has launched his presidential re election campaign in a way which once more hits just the right note.

Four years ago he was an underdog, one with some recognition but an outsider in the polls.  Now he is the President.  By normal standards he will be judged by what he has achieved rather than what he says he will achieve but the mood music already is that we are only part way on our journey.  In leadership substance is important but style is vital.

There was no address to the nation, no brass band on the White House lawn.  Just an understated tweet, an email to his supporters and a video that is so slickly produced that it resembles one you or I could put together with our friends, and is stronger for exactly that reason.

No sign of the man himself but as we are told by Alice from Michigan mid way through the 2 minute production, ‘He’s got a job.’

The video is all about making us, or at least those who can vote, feel good, feel right about getting back on the trail and rekindling the love affair between a politician and his electorate that was consummated in November ’08.

Katherine from Colorado tells us that at the grassroots level politics is about individuals talking to other individuals and making a difference.

Yes it’s a bit hokey and sure all the different ethnic and demographic checkboxes are ticked but you know when something is done so well and touches a chord, is it wrong that it was well planned.

Obama and his team are the consummate politicians, but in a good way.  His Republican rivals are a colourful crew and it should be another entertaining ride.  Whether it hits the highs of three years ago is open to question but in terms of a start to an incumbent’s campaign, he has already started to rewrite the book.


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