Politics at the Crossroads

Thank you to the near 2,000 visitors who came upon this site during the course of the general election.  Hopefully my ramblings on the electoral system, the betting markets, the candidates and what was being written around the best of the blogs did somethin to amuse, enlighten or even inspire.

Now fully bitten by the bug I have decided to maintain the blog, restating in full next week under the new name of  ‘Politics at the Crossroads’  I hope you will drop by on occasion and that we will maintain a greater level of engagement between the electors and the elected than was the case in the last Dáil.

The 31st Dáil is new and shiny in its early days.  It is filled with politicians that we elected and have given a mandate to.  The deserve support but also the closest scrutiny.  Hopefully that is what we will contribute to in some small way.



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