Pick ‘n Mix politics, dynasties and madness – What it says in the blogs – Thursday February 17th

Slugger O’Toole is one of the island’s longest established bloggers and we have yet to feature his work in this review of the blogs but a piece by Mick Fealty caught the eye today comparing Fianna Fáil to the the Woolworths approach of a little something for everyone.  Sadly for the Soldiers of Destiny, Woolworths has finally been put out of its misery and is no longer a feature of the high street.  Could it be that electoral wipe-out will be followed by a half hearted merger with another party of similar outlook and policy?

The dynastic nature of Irish politics provides an unavoidable irony to the work of David McSavage as the Minister for Economic Truth in this short spoof video.  He looks a lot like various members of his family that have held similar positions, don’t you think?

Simon Carswell’s piece on the Irish Times could also be considered by sane readers to be some form of satire, if it were not the actual truth.  The banks continue to load debt onto the unsuspecting or unaware taxpayer and it goes by almost without a raised eyebrow.  Will somebody please stop the cycle of madness afoot here?

If you have not got time to plough through the manifestoes whu not let Votomatic either confirm your principles (as it did for me) or perhaps open your eyes.  Obviously it is no substitute for passion and belief but if time is short…


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