Can’t pay, won’t pay consensus, Anarchy and Seinfeld – What it says in the blogs – Wednesday, February 16th

If you have been confused by the different positions, propositions and bluffing about the IMF/EU ‘bailout’, it’s likely ramifications and it’s almost certain amendment in some way shape or form, you will find comfort in the post on Irish Left Review which brings together the multiple strands of commentary on this most important subject facing Ireland.  There is a real consensus now that we simply cannot afford the bailout, as to pay the interest would strangle any prospect of growth, and make default inevitable at some point.

If you have borrowed money and cannot afford the loan repayments you go and renegotiate.  Simple.  Even Colm McCarthy who is hardly from the progressive rank of economists has joined the massed and eclectic ranks of those who feel some change is inevitable.  They include Sinn Féin, Labour, even Fine Gael, David McWilliams, Shane Ross and many more.

The only one who seems impervious if not insulted that changes should be made is Brian Lenihan, the same man who said the Finance Bill could not be completed in a week, the same man who said Anglo Irish Bank was systemic, the same man who said …

On a lighter note carries a vox pop with a Sligo voter who outlines his unexpected reasons for voting Fianna Fail and being willing to admit it in public.

Mark Barry writing on Campaign Trail sees possible redemption for that same party but they will need to buy a box set of Seinfeld to find the Constanza method for changing your fortunes.



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