What it says in the blogs – Monday, February 14th

Thank you Fine Gael for your contribution to the improvement of social media electioneering.  To launch an assault on supporters and followers with a corny e-valentine card is tasteless.  To have as one of the taglines a reprise of the James Carville inspired ‘It’s the economy, Stupid’ sign that hung in the Clinton campaign office in 1992 is indicative that perhaps not much has changed in the minds of those promoting the Fine Gael mass tweeting, online spamming and general creation of a lasting playbook on how not to engage with your target audience.  Then again we are talking about it, so help me God.  No links for this.  We say ‘Down with that sort of thing.’

It’s Leaders Debate time again with a later start time tonight and a switch from Ballymount to Montrose. The Journal will keep you up to date with the moving and the shaking going on beforehand.  Enda did not make the last get together and has flown to Berlin today to take part in a photocall of substance or a briefing on the Irish situation with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  He is of course all business so don’t expect any ‘When I was with the Chancellor today…”  intro’s from Enda who will instead coyly dip his head when Pat Kenny does it for him shortly after 9.30 pm this evening.

Vincent Browne did not want to let a Leaders Debate day go by without an input but it is a good one as he looks back on the record of our potential leaders when it came to the two key dates in our economic collapse, the bank guarantee and the signing of the IMF deal.

If you are tired already of the election campaigning and aghast at the thought of eleven more days, cut to the chase by allowing Irish Polling Report give you an advance look at the actual results from each of the 43 constituencies.  Mathematics, psephology and instinct all rolled into one but with FF down to 17 seats and none in Dublin, the Greens retaining two and plenty more goodies it is a great read.

And last but not least if you are interested in the Arts but could not make it to the National Campaign 4 the Arts hustings earlier today, you might be interested in the live Blog which I put together myself.


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