What it says in the blogs – Thursday, February 10th

The tragedy at Cork airport this morning makes all political electioneering seem very insensitive.  Everyone’s thoughts and sympathies go out to those who have some involvement.  It is of course a real challenge for politicians in terms of how to react.  Our Man in Stockholm has a well written piece about crisis management by politicians.  As someone involved in PR I know how important it is to focus on those who will give the facts, such as Eamon Brennan from the IAA and Pat Carey the minister in charge of aviation.  For those on the edge it is a difficult time all round in terms of how their reactions will be scrutinised.

Before the accident news began to filter through, Maman Poulet had linked through to a useful Plain English guide to Political Terms published by the National Literacy Agency.  Fine Gael may have already taken over this particular agency as there does not seem to be a version as gaeilge.  Not sure either on their definition of spin as being any press release or interview.  That is actually a means of ditributing news.  Alastair Campbell, the Thick of it and the West Wing have a lot to answer for.

Speaking of Alastair, he has been in Ireland for the past few days and his blog postings on Enda, the Irish Daily mail and Sinn Féin present an interesting perspective on events here from someone closely involved in media and politics but one step removed.


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