What it says in the blogs – Wednesday, February 9th

The first debate is over and there is much commentary across all the main blogs on who won, who lost and whether it made a difference that Enda chose Leitrim over the Ballymount Bunker.  The TV3 audience-o-meter reflected Gilmore’s stronger opening statement but Martin’s ‘like-a-bility’ had him on top by the end.  Nobody lost but as Joe Higgins pointed out later in the evening a Labour leader should have torn into a Fianna Fáil minister to greater effect and Martin was allowed to get away with the impression that a Fianna Fáil mammy had found him under a cabbage leaf in the last two weeks.

One of the best reviews of the debate and the reaction is provided by Rossa McDermott on his Going Forward Blog.

Elsewhere Election2011.ie has added number three to it’s list of things we can be proud of.  That is the fact we don’t stone women for falling in love with non state approved partners.  It may not be unique I’ll grant you but sure things will be better under the next government.

However aggressive the leaders debate was or was not and no matter how forcefully Enda punches the air in front a few dozen party approved cheerleaders, things have a way to go before we get the same colour and spite that was evidenced in the earlier days of the State.  Hat’s off to the National Library of Ireland who have entered into the spitit of the times with an excellent post on Flickr of campaign posters from 1932. Devvy’s Circus and it’s performing frogs, anyone?

Finally for today, and the first in a likely occasional series we will have a little musical interlude, bringing you Leonard Cohen’s ‘Democracy‘.  It’s about the USA but if it stirs one person to vote her in Ireland it will be worth a play.


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