What it says in the blogs – Tuesday February 8th

Last night’s frontline presented a reasoned, somewhat enlightening debate between the party finance spokespeople.  A better format in my opinion than a leaders debate which will inevitably focus on the person rather than the policy.

Much has been made of the debates and their influence or lack of it but ‘the election will be won or lost on the doorsteps’ according to the received wisdom.  Every candidate I hear on the radio talks about the feedback they are getting from their canvassers but certainly in Dublin there seems to be a shortage of physical knocking on the doors.  In a quick straw poll of about 20, I found two people that had participated in a Red C Poll but not one that had actually had the opportunity to engage with a candidate at their front door.

Today’s theme picks up on what you might do if you find a real candidate.  Aprilfly has posted his Questionnaire where he allows candidates to select four from six policies that interest him and then to pick a number from within to be hit with a question.  Structured and does not allow them to get away with their agenda.  If you like you might take it one step further and take SamFitz’s advice on twitter to have a chair ready to sit down in your hall while they stand and be grilled beyond the threshold of your abode.


One of Maman Poulet’s little chickens has kindly passed on the Fianna Fáil canvassers guide.  It starts off saying that FF is the party committed to tackling problems, ignoring the role some might think they played in creating them and finishes off with the exhortation to ‘not get into arguments with voters on issues.’ Heaven forbid.

Fine Gael are too good for debates and possibly for canvassing as well.  They have a ‘twolicy’ though for this online business and @Lexia writing on Election.ie has laid bare their documentation on how to spam and be spammed.

Child’s Play

Newstalk are running a political lookalike section which has thrown up a number of worryingly good doppelgangers while Brendan Strong writing on Dad.ie has introduced the concept of TAMA (Toy Asset Management Agency) and points out how running the currently is really just child’s play.


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