What it says in the blogs – Friday 4th February

If you have ten minutes over a coffee or something stronger, here is a guide to some of the blog entries that have educated or amused us this morning.

Bear Baiting

Those who watched the bear baiting of Antoin Murphy on Vincent Browne last night will have been struck by how broadly similar many of the right and left wing policies are on getting us out of the banking meltdown and how ineffective and almost criminal the misguided attempt by Fianna Fáil to stop the banking brigands from holding us all hostage.

Constantin Gurdgiev has subsequently unearthed a great pice about the bank strike of 1970 that showed how we could actually survive without our banks.  The delicious irony is that the original source was a paper by none other than Antoin Murphy who last night was raising the spectre of  ‘ATM’s with no cash’. Been there done that and if that’s what is needed to save the country…

Cheese, please

Despite the wonders of new media there is no getting away from the scuffed shoe leather and windy nights that are the lot of the canvasser.  Pity then those candidates from our outgoing government who are being shunned in a variety of imaginative and sometimes cheesy ways as brought to our attention by the Cedar Lounge Revolution.

The debate about the debate about the debate rumbles on, and on but hopefully an end is in sight with TV3 going ahead on Tuesday whether Enda likes it or not.  Election 2011 casts a cold eye over how the declaration of war on Lesotho is to be avoided by the leaders in the heat of the studio lights.

STV is not a big car

If you are confused by the vagaries of the Single Transferable Vote then RTE have put together a handy guide and if you need a reason top remember just how expensive politics was in the last few years then kick back and get over to Gavin Sheridan’s expose on Oireachtas expenses.


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