Enda Kenny has apparently decided he will not take part in a leaders debate once Vincent Browne is at the helm.  Is his debate trauma caused by recurring memories of being outperformed by Bertie Ahern four years ago?  Could it be that with a comfortable lead he does not want to risk a high octane quizzing?

FOR GODS SAKE will someone of his advisers please take him to one side and explain leadership.

Pic credit Irish Times

Enda, I have no doubt you have many fine qualities and are a decent chap and all that but you want to become leader of Ireland in the most difficult period of it’s existence.  The future of our citizens, our children, our nation is on the line.  We need strong leadership and if you’re idea of Chairmanship rather than dictatorship is the way then so be it but in order to be elected you have to show that you are willing to stand up.

There is talk of an alternative Fine Gael representative.  Is this for real?  Could it be just the imaginings of one of those thwarted in recent leadership battles that they can just step in and ‘pretend’ to be the leader of their party.  No, no, no!

Leaders debates are meant to be uncomfortable and there is noone better than Browne at that.  Enda can use Vincent’s idiosyncratic style to present himself as a paragon of sense and safety and cast Vincent as some sort of left leaning loon if he wants, but in order to do so he has to mount the stage, get on the pitch or any other of the thousand analogies that could be used.

Perhaps by the time you read this it will all have blown over and the debate will be back on.  For the sake of Enda Kenny and the nation he says he wants to lead I hope so.  But if a leadership debate takes place without him, his day is done.  Can you imagine Brown, Cameron or Clegg leaving an empty podium, or Obama or McCain?

Enda, wake up and get on the programme.


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