What it says in the blogs – February 3rd

Suzy Byrne and Stephen O’Leary were on with Pat Kenny this morning talking about all the channels of new media which politicians and commentators arer using these days.  Suzy was quite right when she tweeted afterwards about the main stream media (MSM for acronym junkies) obsession with the ‘transport’ of new media and how it would hopefully pass quickly for the actual conversation that is taking place.

Each day I hope to pull together a little review of the best of the blogs from that morning, perhaps as a guide to some lunchtime perusal as you listen to Sean O’Rourke and immerse yourself over cup a soup and chicken wraps in the glorious madness of the election campaign.

Paddywhackery afoot

The most hotly discussed topic across all media has been the Vanity Fair article by Michael Lewis.  It is long but has some great lines including about former regulator Pat Neary and his ‘insecure little moustache’, and how the Irish can be pushed, and pushed, and pushed but that when we break we go Wacko. It is a mix of insight and insanity sprinkled with a dose of paddywhackery.  Worth seeing how others see us though.

Suzy Byrne’s Maman Poulet has a copy of the Taiwanese video treatment of the fall of Cowen and an audioboo interview with independent candidate in Dublin South East (though he is actually from Deans Grange).  It lasts 20 minutes and some pretty astute questioning points up something of a policy and ideology deficit in the young gun.  Quite what the economics independents will make of his proud assertion that his ventures were not for profit and he never made any money from them will be interesting. Listen back and learn, Dylan

Any chance of an ‘aul vote?

There is an irreverent look on www.election2011.ie at Fianna Fáil’s likely canvassing style – Whether you’re in favour of, or against, so are we. Any chance of a vote, so? while over on www.Campaigntrail.ie they let the cat out of the bag in their preview of the Dublin Central constituency by hinting their work might be ‘guesswork masquerading as informed punditry’. Heaven forbid!

Finally for a bit of light relief as you wipe away the crumbs check out Irish Left Review which carries a guest column from ‘Manuel’ highlighting how we might all end up soon ‘reverting to nature and surviving on berries and twigs, just like they do in Monaghan.’

Happy reading and if you write a blog that you would like to be considered for this review leave a message below.


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