The face of Ireland today is Mattie McGrath

Once more Brian Lenihan has stressed Ireland’s international reputation as being just cause alone for the passing of the Finance Bill.

Just how valid is the claim that our international reputation in this area of government and economics is worth ten cent, never mind protecting?

Some of the phrases gleaned from a cursory inspection of the international media and news agencies this morning suggest he should read more and guess less.

The Guardian, with the second largest English language readership in the world talks of “Ireland’s reputation for insanity” and how today’s events are “mind boggling” to those who live outside of Ireland.

The BBC online service says that “investors have been sceptical that Ireland can meet its fiscal and debt goals due to weak economic growth”, alongside less than glowing profiles of Brian Cowen and Anglo Irish Bank.

A word cloud from the BBC, Guardian, Reuters, PA and Bloomberg shows that the picture which the world has of Ireland this morning is encapsulated by Mattie McGrath.

This is not a reputation to be held up as worth the passing of the Bill.  The present government is totally disredited but unwilling to see how obvious this is to anyone outside our island.

Perhaps the view is that by talking about reputation Mr Lenihan hopes to have us believe we have one.  I’m afraid that the internet and an educated electorate will see through that like glass.  Not through Waterford Crystal obviously as that was let die, but perhaps the bottom of a pint of plain.


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