Politics matters

This general election is important.  Ireland has been taken to the brink of the cliff by the outgoing government and now has an opportunity to begin to repair the damage.

The old certainties are gone now. Ireland was never one of the richest countries in the world but as a nation we chased that dream and spent accordingly.  We were wrong and the political leadership we elected last time and the times before did not lead.  They say they made hard choices.  They did not, they made wrong choices but many more than the elected few were responsible.

The Irish people have the chance in March 2011 to choose a government that will represent their needs, their hopes and aspirations for the future.  We should not just accept that we will breed and train our children for an emigrant future.  We must make the choice to change the way politics is conducted.

The belief of this blog  is that the choice should be to vote for a Labour led coalition.  We need to shift away from civil war, neo liberal politics where the differences between party and policy are only in name.

You may not agree but let’s debate it, all the time putting the best interests of the people first. And for heaven’s sake on march 11th use your vote.


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